Brimpton History: A few more houses

Brimpton History: A few more houses

Before I decided to make this website, my original aim was to publish a collection of old photos from around the village, accompanied by a modern update taken recently. Whilst that plan got put to one side for various reasons (most notably: the complexity of copyright!) I came up with the idea of this website, as a way to share some of these photos and some accompanying history that I had collected.

Many of the buildings and properties I’ve featured so far were the subject of dedicated sections in the ‘Brimpton Story’ book, but there are still quite a few photos that I’ve not yet published – many of which I know little about, shy of their names and locations.

So, rather than sit on these photos until I found out more information, I thought I should share a few in an “all the rest” post, so that my fellow villagers could appreciate the historic imagery at least. Which is exactly what I’m doing here. Right, here we go…


Situated just round the corner from what was once the Three Horseshoes, Downings was at one point the home of the Village Post Office.

The Forge

Nestle quietly behind what was once the Forge Stores (now home to our own Georgina Hill Hairdressing), the Forge is one of the older houses in the village – though it’s exact origin is unknown.

Glebe Cottage / House / Oak House

As well as having the honour of once housing the Village Stores / Post Office, this house has been known by a number of different names over the years. It once backed onto Glebe Farm, which no longer exists.

Stockwell Farm House

Situated just off the road between Brimpton and Brimpton Common, not a lot is known about the history of Stockwell Farm House – and the accompanying farm. The ‘Brimpton Story’ includes a photo of some local Scout troops camping at the farm back in 1922, but that’s all I could find.

Hyde End House Lodge

One of my favourite houses to walk past – partly because of their beautifully manicured lawn, but also because you can literally see where the house has been extended from it’s historic form – Hyde End House Lodge is situated (as the name would imply) at the top of the lane for Hyde End House. As such, it was presumably once home to staff from the main house – though the naming of many properties on Hyde End Lane seems to have changed over the years, so it’s quite hard to tell which is which…!

Lane End Cottage & The Houses of Brimpton Common

Lane End Cottage dates back a long way, perhaps as far as the seventeenth century. It once played home to NHS found Aneurin Bevan, and as far back as 1839 was part of the same estate as Blacknest House, Ashford Hill Farm and the Pineapple Inn.

Below Lane End Cottage I’ve included photos which I’m told are “Number 23” and “Number 27”, but from what I can tell neither of these houses exist anymore.

If you know any information or history about any of the houses listed above, I’d love to hear it!

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