Brimpton History: The Old Post Office

Brimpton History: The Old Post Office

The building as it looks today

Seemingly one of the most well-documented buildings in the village (see below for several examples), the building known now as ‘The Old Post Office’ was – as the name suggests – one of many buildings in the village that once served as the Post Office. In this case, from around the 1930s – though it also served as a village shop (called ‘The Old Post Office Stores’) in the 1960s and beyond.

Before serving as the Post Office / Village Stores, the property was known as Hill Farm – though not much more is recorded about its life pre-1900, sadly. It’s a wonderfully impressive building though, and remains roughly unchanged to this day. Below you can find several shots of the building at various times, including its time as both the Post Office and Village Store.

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