Brimpton History: The Village Hall

Brimpton History: The Village Hall

The village hall as it looks today.

While it’s far from the oldest building in the village, having been built in 1909, the Brimpton Village Hall is still an important fixture of village life. It plays host to various events, classes, parties and more, and with the closure of all the pubs near the village it’s even more important today than it ever has been.

At just 113 years old, there’s not a huge amount of history to share about the hall. We know that it was built during the Edwardian period by Frances Langford, who dedicated the building to the memory of her mother Mrs Gordon. As you can see from the two photos here, it hasn’t changed much in appearance over the years – though the addition of the larger car park in the 1970s made the building more accessible.

Unlike many villages, and despite playing host to several churches, there are no ‘church halls’ in Brimpton, so the Village Hall was built to provide an alternative to this. The building has been home to many different societies and organisations over the years – there was a Choral society using the hall as far back as 1920s. The addition of a larger kitchen in the 1950s enabled the hall to host bigger functions – something it still does to this day.

The addition of solar panels on the roof and the (very) recent leasing of more land at the back of the hall should ensure it remains an important part of village life for many years to come.

The Brimpton Village hall in the early 1900s, soon after construction.

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