Brimpton History: Manor View

Brimpton History: Manor View

Manor View as it looks today.

Unlike a lot of the buildings or areas we’ve looked at so far, I’ve got very little history to share about today’s subject – the road known locally as ‘Manor View’. I say known locally for a reason – despite several efforts to get signage put up to reflect the name, the local council have always refused, claiming that the name is unofficial – preferring to stick with Brimpton Road.

As far as I can tell, the stretch known as Manor View runs from just south of Manor Farm and runs almost as far as the junction with Crookham Common road. The majority of the houses on the road have only been build in the past 100 years, and aside from the very odd house numbering and mis-matched postcodes, not a lot is known about them. When they were build, the houses on the East side of the road had a ditch running in front of them, with each house accessible by a small walk-way over said ditch.

The photo above (and the one below) were taken when the houses were fairly new – they were apparently built between the two World Wars, presumably to offer up housing for men returning from the way (like Enborne Way after WWII). These days they are a mixture of privately owned and Sovereign-owned houses, home to many of the villages residents – including myself.

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