Brimpton History: East View / Eastbank

Brimpton History: East View / Eastbank

Eastbank as it appears today

Not a lot is known about the house known as East View (now Eastbank), short of one notable previous owner – Mrs Norman, who also owned what is now the Old Post Office, in the 1930s/40s. Mrs Norman ran the post office at the time, and during her ownership of East View she built a bungalow in its garden to house the Brimpton Post Office – the building now known as Byeways.

Before this, and based solely one what we can tell from the black and white photo below, around 1910 the house was the base for a J.B.Legg, who appears to have been a painter, decorator, plumber and all-round handy person.

The house still stands today, and appears largely the same as it always has – though the garden appears to have been brought under control compared to 100 years ago!

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