Brimpton History: The Almshouses

Brimpton History: The Almshouses

According to the details recorded in the ‘Brimpton Story’ book, the St Peter’s Almshouses (to give them their full name) date back to 1854 when they were built to accommodate the poor, the elderly and widows. They were built and maintained by the Brimpton Charity, and endowed by the Countess of Falmouth.

The building originally housed six separate almshouses, each of which was made up of a living room with a bedroom above. The six dwellings shared a single outside lavatory to the north of the building, and also had use of a store room, clothes drying room and some coal sheds.

Back in 1905, the ‘inmates’ (as they were referred to) received an allowance of four shillings a week for their sustenance.

These days, the building has been separated into a number of flats, which are still occupied to this day.

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