Brimpton History: Brimpton Lodge

Brimpton History: Brimpton Lodge

According to the writers of the ‘Brimpton Story’ book, the house known as ‘Brimpton Lodge’ (offset from Wasing Lane, on the way out of the village) is at least two hundred years old, but possibly a lot older. The oldest section of the building was originally a pair of cottages, which were merged and expanded by subsequent owners – adding on doors, windows, staircases and a number of roof alterations.

Oddly, one particular ‘upgrade’ saw the addition of a large Georgian dining room, which stood at odds with the size of the rest of the house. Until 25 years ago (when it was replaced) the property also boasted a large Victorian conservatory, which can be seen to the rear of the photo above.

The house is still very impressive to this day, and is kept in wonderful condition by the current owners.

The rear of the Lodge, as seen from the walled garden

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